Politico Destructo – Age of Insanity

I am having a great day working medical marketing mojo around the internet for new clients and old  – and having conversations with medical clients – driving new patients – all working form my Manhattan Loft – with the wife and kids by my side – thats how I like it – anyway I was thinking – at one time in my life before I became writer, social networker and specialized in medical marketing (and the occasional screenwriting project) I used to have political aspirations.

It all started when I was 9 years old in the Bronx and met Mayor Ed Koch (I can not stop thinking of Frank Perdue) when he was running against Guiliani in 1989 and I saw the honor and love he was given. I thought of being the Mayor, Governor and President. That all changed for me when I took a serious creative turn at 13 and fell in love with literature and the arts. After reading 1984 by George Orwell, the stranger by Albert Camus and the Trail by Franz Kafka, I started to see the world quite differently.  I am politically involved and I vote, I make the best choices I can and I do not particularly believe in party politics, and basically I think its all very funny – never take it too serious.  But lets face it – politics – politico destructo – destroying people, places and ideas to move into office,  has turned into total insanity in the age of media, instant connections, social networking and access across multiple devices everywhere.  Friends post silly pictures to other friends, some post five posts a week Obama Bashing – others Republican Bashing – and its really funny – especially when people start taking each other seriously and arguing back and forth about complex ideas in four word messages!

Politico Destructo – age of insanity – HOW TO REALLY WIN

I saw this ad above – posted by Kelli Ward for Arizona State Senate – WOW – Arizona’s economy is just below the national median and their biggest economic impact actually comes from healthcare, transportation and government.  So maybe the clear jab at welfare programs and government subsidies are not such a good idea – especially since in Arizona most of the people on food stamps are displaced workers since a huge part of Arizona economy has shifted since outsourcing and NAFTA has effected 30 percent of the workforce.  But I am writing tonight because it occurred to me that:

A) Thats not fair, after all then these people would have to steal food and a place to live as well as the money for drugs, beer and tattoos.  After all its about harm reduction, not solving anything – not about education, healthcare and jobs – just reducing harm to society.

and B) the truth is what we need is to expand the current welfare and food stamp system to include BEER STAMPS, DRUG STAMPS, TATOO STAMPS AND MORE – then it would be a level playing field –

so here is my platform, Beer and Drugs for everyone, Tattoos and Manicures, FOOD and a place to live – but don’t expect an education a good job or healthcare – what are you a liberal – if you want more then drugs, beer and food – Get a Job! Now that is a platform to run on and I think a real winner – If you added a free smart phone, Cable TV and Internet access – WOW – you could be President of this great nation for a long, long time -and you would be remembered.