New Jersey physical therapist William Bell really helped my friend in a pinch

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Neck Pain Treatment with physical therapy in New Jersey

Earlier this year, I had to really bundle up due to the inclement weather we had in New York and parts of New Jersey. It was really something to see an entire city, which is usually bustling with activity, to be shut down almost completely. Public transportation was one of the few ways to get around the city, and even that was having problems. That is almost unheard of in the “city that never sleeps”. The weather passed by and the conditions got better, as with all things. The very next week I got a call from my long time friend, Jim, who told me we was on his way to work one morning and got into a car accident when his car lost traction with the icy road. The accident wasn’t completely disastrous for him, but he did come away with a nasty case of whiplash.

He was living in the New Jersey area near Newark at the time, and I told him about this great physical therapist I met last year, William Bell. Bell was someone I met while visiting his office in Cranford, New Jersey (777 Walnut Ave Cranford, NJ 07016). I had actually been looking around for someone who could treat my writer’s elbow and I came across Bell Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine. I passed along the information to my friend Jim, to give a call to his office and set up an appointment (908-389-6305). Right away, he told me he felt even just a little better when William picked up the phone and started to talk to him. When I heard that, I thought it was no wonder his motto is “hands on compassionate care”. When Jim got to the office, he was surprised at the care and attention he was given. Even though he knew he had a time slot to handle his physical therapy, it didn’t feel like that at all. He said it only took a couple of sessions, but in the next few weeks the shooting pains he had in his neck were almost completely gone. I have heard cases where people have to wear one of those funny neck braces for months to keep their neck stable and I thought for sure that Jim would have to wear one of these. I ran into Jim a few months later and he told me what a great experience he had with William Bell and that his neck pain was practically gone.

Whiplash is definitely something that can ruin someone’s day, and I can only imagine the sheer embarrassment of wearing one of those weird collars. I hope I don’t ever have to go through that, but if it ever happens at least I know one place where I can get it addressed. William Bell is very knowledgeable about physical therapy and has dealt with thousands of sports and occupational injuries throughout his 20-year career.

If you need a physical therapist because of an old football injury or maybe a case of writer’s elbow like myself, call William Bell at 908-389-6305. You can also read about the different kinds of treatments he offers at his website.