How Recovery Started For Me: Seven Keys to not get Fooled

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How To Choose From The 14500 Treatment Centers In The USA and Not Go Crazy. 


Brandon's Story

I Had To Choose Between Either Continuing Killing Myself, One Drink, One Pill, One Fix At A Time, Or Find A New Way To Live!

Hi everyone,  My Name is Brandon and I am an addict.  Clean from drugs and alcohol for a little over a year. I suffered from addiction (drug addiction, alcoholism) for longer than I care to remember and getting clean and sober was the best thing I ever did.  I’d like to share with you how it all started and how I choose from the 14500 different addiction treatment programs in the USA without going crazy. Additionally, I outline the Seven Keys to not getting fooled by treatment centers.

A year ago I was contemplating death. I felt broken and lost.  I just wanted all the pain and disappointment to end. I had made such a mess of things. The truth was the drugs and alcohol no longer made me feel good, it was no longer “fun”. I felt I had only two choices, continue slowly killing myself, one pill, one drink, one toke at a time or get help immediately.  

Mostly what I wanted to know when calling these addiction treatment centers was how they could help with my withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  I realized I could not do it alone and needed to get away from my current environment. Thank God, treatment helped me with that and they were able to relieve my withdrawal symptoms and cravings in the first couple of days.  I was amazed.

The worst part was the voices in my head blaming every situation, every person and myself for my addiction and my choices.  Then telling myself it’s going to be different this time – but no matter what I did it always ended the same, pain, suffering and desperation.  I could not even look myself in the face. I was lost. But everything changed in a moment.

I stand before you today a different man, the monkey off my back, happy, joyous and free, living a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have traveled the world and pursued my dreams,  Rebuilt my relationships, it’s been an incredible journey.Brandon

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It all started because I could not take the pain any longer, so I picked up the phone and started calling treatment centers. It took me a while to understand what to look for in a addiction treatment center but after a lot of research and calls I offer you the following:

  1. The First Key is that most of the treatment centers I called seemed more interested in making money than helping me with my problem.  So you want to make sure you are talking to an addiction treatment center that money is not their priority. When I spoke to Rockland Treatment Center, who I highly recommend,  they made me feel like they were 100% concerned with my health and well being. I did not feel they were trying to sell me.
  2. I realized there was a lot of different terminology being used inpatient, detox, partial hospitalization, day night, and all of it was meaningless.  All these terms are totally confusing. The best way to understand them is that many of these centers maximize their profits by breaking everything down to smaller components, and of course charging a fee for each.  I found through a lot of questions and calls that the best value was day/night with housing sometimes referred to as partial hospitalization – which includes medical detox, housing and 24/7 support. At Rockland Treatment Center I had a medically assisted detox, an individualized treatment program, a place to stay for the 28 days and a lot of trips to groups, events and activities.
  3. I learned that ADDICTION is a DISEASE, not a moral failing. Today addiction is defined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. The disease affects you PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, SPIRITUALLY and SOCIALLY. Your ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAM must treat these FOUR areas or you won’t be successful.  ROCKLAND TREATMENT totally addresses these three areas . Their center in the Tampa Bay Area of beautiful Sunny Florida really helped me build a foundation and get my life back.
  4. Your program needs to address your PHYSICAL body. First with withdrawal and cravings. Then through nutrition and supplementation to replace all that was lost during addiction chemically, in the body and brain.  Additionally, if you have any other health issues they must be addressed by medical staff. At Rockland Treatment Center they reduced withdrawal symptoms and cravings by 80% in the first 48 hours (Thank GOD). Additionally, they took care of all my nutrition and health needs  – getting my body and brain back in shape.
  5. Treatment needs to include dealing with the MENTAL (Psychological) effects of the horrors of addiction. This includes individualized therapy and counseling, group therapy, biofeedback, education, developing coping mechanisms, and dealing with any other co occuring issues (other mental issues).  Finally, you must deal with any past or current trauma(s). At Rockland Treatment that did this all for me and more. I had no idea how intensive it was going to be but I was really thankful.
  6. Spiritually you need a program that can help you deal with the brokenness that is felt from addiction.  It also allows you to reconnect to spiritual/religious beliefs or find new ones. Building faith, which is very much needed.  While I was at Rockland Treatment they had multiple meetings and groups to address this and help educate me on things like the power of meditation, for example. Most importantly, they allowed me to reconnect to my spiritual beliefs and I was transported to my place of worship weekly.
  7. The way we are affected SOCIALLY is through our relationships.  Our relationships include family, friends, community and work. This includes dealing with any employment issues. Disability paperwork may be needed so you can take a paid leave from work, or possible you need vocational counseling or maybe college.   Family/couples therapy is needed to rebuild your closest connections. Going to outside 12 step groups meeting other people in recovery and going to fun social events and activities. While I was at Rockland Treatment they offered me all of this, helped me file disability paperwork for my job, and helped me build the bridges I burned with my family.  Additionally the activities and 12 step meetings really helped me, since I had a lot of fun (which I did not think was possible).

I found everything I needed to get sober at Rockland Treatment Center in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida.  They had a 28 day program with a medical director who is board certified in Addiction Medicine and a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (FASAM).  They have outpatient, day/night treatment with housing, private rooms available and a variety of different programs to meet everyone’s needs, and staff that are licensed and certified in treating addiction and I had 24/7 care.  They were able to relieve 80% of my withdrawal symptoms and cravings in 48 hours. I was able to stay at Rockland Treatment and my insurance covered almost all of it. I strongly recommend anyone who is suffering from addiction call Rockland Treatment Center right now at 727-351-8037, they will take help you find a program somewhere.

I met a lot of great people in treatment, and the staff and clinicians helped me to understand what the underlying cause of my addiction really was and why i kept trying to bury the pain.  Recovery is possible for any of us who suffer from addiction. If I could stop drinking and drugging – anyone can –

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction I would refer them to Rockland Treatment Center because they are on the cutting edge of treatment modalities and have programs to fit everyone’s lifestyle.  You don’t have to suffer anymore. Check them out here Or you can call my friend Joe (Rockland Treatment Clinical Director) at 727-351-8037 for no obligation confidential consultation.

That is how it all started for me, and it has been a glorious year.  No more waking up sick – no more desperation and despair. No more guilt and shame.  And ALL I REALLY DID WAS MAKE A PHONE CALL – LOL – With help from Rockland Treatment Center and in ONLY 28 days they helped me build a foundation for a new life.  I wish everyone who suffers from the horrors of addiction could find help now. Recovery is possible. If you suffer from addiction or you know someone who does, please pass this on and call the caring staff of Rockland Treatment center call 727-351-8037  Or visit – 

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I am so thankful to the staff at Rockland for helping me. I not only built a foundation for my recovery but I made some great friends.

Dora S.

I'm someone who struggled to stop using for a long time. It wasn't until I signed myself into Rockland that I was able to stay stopped..

David H.

I did not think I could fix my relationship with my husband after all the damage I caused. Thanks gave me my life back.

Tara M.

I needed the 24/7 care and guidance that Rockland gave me. I do not think I could have stayed clean living in the environment I was in.

Mika A.

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