How Recovery Started For Me: Three things you need to know to start your journey

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I Had To Decide Either To Go On Killing Myself, One Drink, One Pill, One Fix At A Time,  Or Find A New Way To Live!






My Story

Hi everyone,  My Name is Kurt and I am an addict.  Clean from drugs and alcohol today, I suffered from addiction (drug addiction, alcoholism) for longer than I care to remember and I’d like to share my story with you.  A story of how I went from despair, depression and desolation to freedom. 10 years ago I was riding the bus, contemplating death. I felt like the above photo. I just wanted all the pain and disappointment to end. I had made such a mess of things. Truth be told, the drugs and alcohol weren’t even working anymore.  It was a cosmic joke. Gone were the days of partying and having fun – I was no longer a weekend warrior, It became a job. I lived to use and used to live.

I started drinking and taking pills everyday,  first to make it through the day, later to bury my feelings. Finally to bury my guilt.  I was ashamed of what I had become, all my hopes and dreams were gone. All that was left was a ball of pain, guilt and shame. I burnt so many bridges – my friends, family, jobs – i felt doomed at times.

The worst part was the voices in my head blaming every situation, every person and myself for my addiction and my choices.  Then telling myself it’s going to be different this time – but no matter what I did it always ended the same, pain, suffering and desperation.  I could not even look myself in the face. I was lost. But everything changed in a moment.

I stand before you today a different man, the monkey off my back, happy, joyous and free, living a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have traveled the world and pursued my dreams,  Rebuilt my relationships, it’s been an incredible journey. It all started on that bus, because, that day, at that moment, I saw a poster for a treatment center with a 24 hour helpline.  I must have seen this poster hundreds of times before. But this day, I felt I had only two choices, continue slowly killing myself, one pill, one drink, one toke at a time or find a new way to live.  

 I called the number and spoke with a counselor. As he asked me question I started to feel like hanging up the phone and running away.  However, the idea of getting away from it all and starting over seemed like the right thing to do for me, and I hung on and answered the questions as best I could.  I knew I needed help. I thought I was crazy or something. I tried many times to stop on my own. How many times did I say that’s it, enough – throw away everything – only to start over again.  I had a 30 minute intake over the phone. I managed to still have a job and insurance coverage – it was a blessing. What I started to realize was not only did I need to get away and start over – but I needed a coach, someone to show me the way and guide me.  

 Addiction affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. The counselor told me the treatment plan would cover all three.  I asked him about my cravings, and my urges, the voices kept telling me it’s just one drink, one pill, one joint – one more time – just one more.  The counselor told be that they were very successful in reducing withdrawal symptoms, and cravings very quickly. That those compulsive and obsessive thoughts I had would pass. I don’t know exactly why, but I connected with this person and believed what he said.  

 And so my journey started in one simple moment – one second contemplating death, the next choosing to call a treatment center.  I am so grateful. They not only helped to reduce my cravings and withdrawal symptoms – but they helped me to understand that addiction was a disease not a moral failing.  It wasn’t really my fault – I suffered from an incurable illness called ADDICTION – and I needed treatment.

 I met a lot of great people in treatment, and the staff and clinicians helped me to understand what the underlying cause of my addiction really was and why i kept trying to bury the pain.  Recovery is possible for any of us who suffer from addiction. If I could stop drinking and drugging – anyone can –

  Today, my friends at Rockland Treatment, have created some incredible programs to help addicts just like me – and NOW they can reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings by 80% in 48 hours – all under full medical supervision, including a  medical director who is board certified in Addiction Medicine and a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (FASAM).  They have outpatient, in patient, and a variety of different programs to meet everyone’s needs –

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction I would refer them to Rockland Treatment Center because they are on the cutting edge of treatment modalities and have programs to fit everyone’s lifestyle.  You don’t have to suffer anymore. Check them out here Or you can call my friend Joe (Rockland Treatment Clinical Director) at 727-351-8037

That is how it all started for me, and it has been a glorious 10 years.   No more waking up wishing I was dead – no more desperation and despair. No more blackouts, not more shame.  And ALL I REALLY DID WAS MAKE A PHONE CALL – LOL – With help from an inpatient treatment center and in ONLY 28 days they helped me build a foundation for a new life.  I wish everyone who suffers from the horrors of addiction could find help now. Recovery is possible. If you suffer from addiction or you know someone who does, please pass this on and call the caring staff of Rockland Treatment center call 727-351-8037  Or visit –

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