I am having a great day working medical marketing mojo around the internet for new clients and old  – and having conversations with medical clients – driving new patients – all working form my Manhattan Loft – with the wife and kids by my side – thats how I like it – anyway I was thinking – at one time in my life before I became writer, social networker and specialized in medical marketing (and the occasional screenwriting project) I used to have political aspirations. It all started when I was 9 years old in the Bronx and met Mayor Ed Koch (I can not stop thinking of Frank Perdue)… Read More

I wanted to write a bit about PLEX Media Server.  If you are like us, a busy family with kids, multiple entertainment areas (and devices) in our loft, and a lot of digital media, you will be interested in PLEX MEDIA SERVER. First a bit about our digital lifestyle: Loads of digital videos, digital photos, and mp3s on computer. Our entire DVD collections over (400 movies) on hard drive. Roku box in bedroom (bought years ago) for Netflix viewing. Xbox 360 in living room as entertainment portal. A Jail broken Viewsonic Gtablet running Vegan in Kitchen. and my Samsung Stratsphere (verizon). So I found PLEX Media server by accident while… Read More