Dr David Allingham Founder of Oakton Urgent Care and Telemedicine of Virginia published an article about Virginia Health Care Reform and Obamacare effects emergency room patients and allows 80% of patients to be denied care. See the article here… Read More

Recently, I spoke at a convention as a Friday Night speaker – I have a wicked sense of humor, (given to me by God as I understand him and God has a sense of humor also I believe) and I often make people laugh by sharing the difficulty I had in finally achieving abstinence and starting on the road to recovery.  I realize in the last 27 years of being in the process of abstinence/recovery and listening to other members share their thoughts: that many people might look at my stubbornness, denial and stupidity (continuously trying to do it my way) as something that could be overcome through taking suggestions… Read More

Earlier this year, I had to really bundle up due to the inclement weather we had in New York and parts of New Jersey. It was really something to see an entire city, which is usually bustling with activity, to be shut down almost completely. Public transportation was one of the few ways to get around the city, and even that was having problems. That is almost unheard of in the “city that never sleeps”. The weather passed by and the conditions got better, as with all things. The very next week I got a call from my long time friend, Jim, who told me we was on his way… Read More

I am having a great day working medical marketing mojo around the internet for new clients and old  – and having conversations with medical clients – driving new patients – all working form my Manhattan Loft – with the wife and kids by my side – thats how I like it – anyway I was thinking – at one time in my life before I became writer, social networker and specialized in medical marketing (and the occasional screenwriting project) I used to have political aspirations. It all started when I was 9 years old in the Bronx and met Mayor Ed Koch (I can not stop thinking of Frank Perdue)… Read More

I wrote an article this afternoon and posted it to our Active MD Medical marketing News section which was quickly – in my conversational style – VBG:)’ – after a Google Weekly Hang Out with Google Switzerland Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller and the Medical Marketing team at Active MD. The two main areas (you can read the whole article here): 1) The location of your hosting companies server (along with other factors) affect your medical websites rankings in Googles geo targeting for search. and 2) If you think your site has been affected by a manual restriction of the famed (notorious) Panda & Penguin updates of April and May 2012… Read More

I wanted to write a bit about PLEX Media Server.  If you are like us, a busy family with kids, multiple entertainment areas (and devices) in our loft, and a lot of digital media, you will be interested in PLEX MEDIA SERVER. First a bit about our digital lifestyle: Loads of digital videos, digital photos, and mp3s on computer. Our entire DVD collections over (400 movies) on hard drive. Roku box in bedroom (bought years ago) for Netflix viewing. Xbox 360 in living room as entertainment portal. A Jail broken Viewsonic Gtablet running Vegan in Kitchen. and my Samsung Stratsphere (verizon). So I found PLEX Media server by accident while… Read More

Wanted to tell you about one of the most friendly and congenial breast augmentation plastic/cosmetic surgery Doctors I have ever met over the last ten years  – Elliot Heller, MD.  He has got such a caring and patient bedside manner  – even for a New Yorker – that I refer all my friends who are interested in breast augmentation (in New York City & Staten Island) to go to staten island and get a free plastic surgery consultation with Elliot Heller, MD at his Staten Island Plastic Surgery center.  Several years ago I actually met Dr. Heller at his Staten Island facility at 1424 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10314 (he… Read More